Thursday, May 14, 2009

KISS cards

So me and the family were at target last week and i went to see what star wars trading cards they still had(i'm a dork) and i saw these awesome KISS CARDS!

My son is actually a little KISS fan because we bought him a toothbrush that plays "rock and roll all night" while he brushes.So i grab some packs and they are nice cards,but nothing to go crazy about.So we were at target last night and i grab some more cards for him and then i got one of the variant cards.

Blood cards!

And bloody KISS KISSES.

I got one of each variant and now its taking ever fiber of self restraint to not go spend my check on KISS cards.


  1. Hmmm. I saw those, and though I haven't been a big kiss fan since... I dunno, 1979 maybe... I was kind of tempted to check them out.

    The bloody variants have me even more tempted now.

  2. I believe I have the originals of these somewhere.