Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the Melvins Art Show

What a rad,long,exhausting night!I went to work that morning (out the door at 7 am)for a half day.I left at lunch time and drove in to Chicago.Had tacos at Flash Taco in wicker park then headed to Speakeasy tattoo.Patrick worked on my arm for 4 hours.Grabbed dinner with friends than headed to the Flat Iron Bar to check out the art show my piece was in.All the art was awesome.Everyone really stepped up there pieces and even though these were donations the artists didn't hold back.All proceeds went to the Paul Green School of Rock Scholarship program and we raised $1500.

my piece titled "sludge" all the art can be seen here-http://www.flickr.com/photos/20797735@N06/sets/72157618555325957/

After much drinking we headed to the show (9pmish?)

The Melvins played the first set as the "old" melvins (original drummer Mike Dillard.)Then current drummer Trevor Dunn (bass player for Fantomas, MadLove, Mr. Bungle)stepped up and they performed the album Houdini in its entirety.I'm not gonna go into songs played and technical music crap.Suffise to say if your a fan you know they "brought it".We had a friend dress in a bunny suit with Melvins shirt at the concert handing out fliers to the art show.I was drained physically but happy to be at what i know will be remebered as a special night in the Melvins lexicon.

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  1. Ken your blog is rad. Good to see you guys @party.