Monday, February 7, 2011

R.I.P. Tura Satana

I just found out Tura Satana passed away over the weekend. If your unfamiliar with Ms. Satana you are seriously missing out my friend. Look around the internet, you'll find her.

Tura used to sign Glossies through her website, so a few years ago i purchased a glossy for a Christmas present to my wife. Tura emailed me to get some info (correct name spelling etc.) and as i was writing her back i remember my head getting dizzy as i realized i was  corresponding WITH TURA FUCKING SATANA.

 Some guys like to golf. Other guys dig working on cars. Most boys like baseball and nice girls who think worms are icky and puppies are cute. Not me. What do i like? I like Hockey. I like AC/DC. I like leather. And i like girls who race cars and can kick your ass if they wanted to.

Here's the Glossy she signed for my wife Kristina.
A few years ago there was an art show in Chicago with all the pieces based on Tura. Here's some of my favorite pieces.

Oh one more thing...Tura dated Elvis Presley but turned down his marriage proposal,though she did keep the ring.

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  1. I like to picture her opening a small lockbox and tossing that ring onto a HUGE PILE of other rings.