Friday, February 18, 2011

Adventure Time!!

I loathe "stoner" shows. In the 1990s Ren and Stimpy was all the rage with my age group. I never got it. It was an o.k. show to look at but the writing and stories were crap. Strictly gross out humor without heart or fun. As the bar was starting to be set lower and lower the shows sunk the same. Space Ghost begot Aqua Teen begot Squidbillies begot AssyMcgee begot Tim and Eric, which is in my opinion THE WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION EVER.

Hidden within this field of cow shit a few diamonds can be found. the Venture Brothers being one. Meanwhile "kids" shows continue to be subversive comedies that are utterly enjoyable for adults as well as kids, Spongebob, Fanboy and CumChum, and Phineas and Ferb among them. But i have found a kids show that has wrapped its beautiful skinny arms around me and captured my heart forever. I speak of Adventure Time. Its a show centered around a boy and his Dog friend who can stretch his body.

Do yourself a favor this weekend and check it out (they are On Demand). These shows remind me of the adventures i used to make up in my mind as a young boy. With all the Glee and fun of a 8 year old's mind.

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  1. Completely agree. We love this show, and watch it with Ajani all the time.