Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Rants on Pajamas, Racists, and Graffiti

Hey Ladies and Girls, If you wear pajama pants out in public it is neither cute or sexy. Its lazy and stupid.This is especially true if your above the age of 12. You will grow to be an unloved crazy cat lady because you have given up caring and therefore no one will care about you.

To all the racists, Homophobes, sexists etc. of the world. When you show your bigotry, either through subtle jokes or outright cross burning hatred, you tell the world one of two things. You are either scared to death of the thing your prejudice against or you have scared yourself with how much you love/want to be the thing your against. Hate women? You have no idea how to talk or respect a woman. thus you are a scared little boy next to a women. Scared of certain minorities? You soo wish you were Black, Asian, Mexican etc. Make fun of Gays? You would give anything to dance with shirtless muscular men to pumping Techno music. Sometimes (oftentimes) these prejudices go together. Example; you hate blacks and gays? You secretly want to be bent over by a "scary" black man.

Over the weekend i watched Exit Through The Gift Shop. It is one of the best films i have ever seen. Even if your not a fan of Graffiti this is a great documentary. The film also reminded me of just how selfless Graffiti is. Probably the most pure art form in the world. What is funny is what a dichotomy it can be since its all about the self (the artist and his tag or style) and once the piece is up it belongs to everyone. There is no monetary gain. There are no adoring fans applauding at the end. There is a short lifespan on the piece.(sometimes pieces disappear overnight)

A few years ago REVOLUTION TATTOO had an art show featuring top Graffiti artists from around the country. As the owners are friends of mine i was asked to participate. In honor of Graffiti's selflessness (and my lack of any sort of Graffiti skills) I decided, with the help of my friend Kevin, to build 2 freight cars out of wood and let everyone tag the shit out of it.
We cut Strips of wood to add "depth" and even had a door (our dream was a working door with a hobo inside but time and money prevented that)

Cutting and adding the "wheels" out of wood spools we found in alleys.

So the night of the show Kevin and my self bought a bunch of Krylon spray cans, Fat and thin tip markers and hung pictures of the Hip Hop Godfathers (Run DMC, Krs-1, EMPD, Public Enemy,LL Cool J, etc.) above the finished Freight cars that now resided in the gallery's garage. During the show people came out to the gallery's garage and tagged our freight cars.
My beautiful pregnant wife, Kristina, throwing a piece up.

At the end of the show I raffled off the cars. To make any money off of Graffiti would have missed the point.

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