Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random True Stories

I was at a metal/rave party in the early 90's. It was on the third floor of a huge abandoned warehouse in a sketchy west side neighborhood of Chicago. At some point word got around that security turned away a bunch of gang members and the gang vowed retaliation. Soon after windows broke and tires squealed. I didn't know if it was gun fire or rocks. I didn't know if someone got hurt or not.

Then the police showed up and things got worse.

Lights came on and cops were everywhere yelling and grabbing kids in choke holds. They were ordering all men line up on the walls and get on your knees, pockets out-turned. I saw a few guys just trying to ask a question and getting cracked with a stick or put in that choke hold. The police were ordering the girls down the stairs and outside. I had come to this particular party with like 3 girls and no dudes. One of the girls just grabbed me by the hand and said "don't say anything" as she lead me to the stairs.

You see back then i was about 125 lbs. and had hair down to my ass. So i ducked my head down and held my breath as we approached the stairs. The stairs were pretty wide and the left side was lined with police. Most were leering at the parade of teenage girls who (including me)were quietly walking down the stairs. I was lucky enough to hear such wonderful things from the police as "nice tits" "you got a tight ass bitch" "yous bitches lesbians?" etc. We made it to the bottom of the stairs and safely outside where we got to our car as fast as we could. I've (reluctantly) included a picture of me from back in the early 90's for reference.
 (Dig my Z Cavarichi outfit!!)


  1. OMG Cavaricis were the coolest pants ever. You know, they had that label. I had a friend who wore them all the time. When a girl would ask him what the label said he would say "read it, it's braille." The existence of that whole clothing line was justified by that one line.