Monday, August 16, 2010

In Which I AGREE With Juggalos!?!? *RETRACTION*

So as i read more into the story i found out a bunch of Juggalos followed her and her security after she ran off the stage and attacked her trailer while she was in it. As much as i can't stand her, no one should feel their safety is in danger when off stage. That may seem contradictory but let me tell you, i was in a few bands in my day and i've been hit with all kinds of crap. Getting Boo'd and pelted with garbage is par for the course when performing. Especially if your young , new, or untalented. But getting chased after a show? Maybe pulling off your top to appease these mouth breathers wasn't the smartest move in history but even being within 10 miles of this shit hole gathering shows you lack basic survival intelligence in the first place.

When i first learned of this event "the gathering" i was as confused and disgusted as the rest of the world. I also was intrigued. Intrigued enough that being a Chicago resident this event was rather close to me and me and some friends thought about going last year in disguise. It would be like being behind enemy lines. Of course reality set in and we knew we couldn't go. Being job holding, Married, tax payers, we would probably be found out by not knowing a secret handshake. Or they would be able to tell we had been with woman before. So we would have been discovered and it would have been a fight etc. These goons like to fight. There's Youtube videos of them fighting each other, "haters", people at wal-mart, Etc. They even attacked Andrew w.k. the same way.

They also "police" each other and even have jails where they (again) throw things at you for stealing or reading or something.

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  1. I'm not sure why she agreed to appear. Someone probably told her "it's just like Lolapalooza!"