Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts On Christmas Songs

My wife just handed me a Hall and Oates Christmas C.D. to upload to itunes. She is a collector of "bad" Christmas music. When we decorate the tree its to the sounds of The Bradys, Johnny Cash, Partridge Family, John Denver, C3-P0 AND R2-D2, The Colonel from Kentcy Fried Chicken(!), Christmas Cats, etc. It is a collection to be reckoned with.

I really only like three Christmas songs that i Have to rock to during the holidays. The first is Wham's Last Christmas opus. Ive already talked about my love for all things Wham and they didnt dissapoint when it came time for them to write a Christmas song. This video is so yuppie! God i love this one.

The next  is Prince's classic Another Lonely Christmas. The only Christmas song i know of with death, naked swimming and Banana Daiquiris. When i was single and depressed, feeling like i had no one to love in my life, i used to just get hammered and listen to this over and over.

And of course i need to hear Elvis singing Blue Christmas.

There are lots of great ones i haven't listed from Hanoi Rocks, Brian Setzer and RUN D.M.C.  these are 3 that to me ARE Christmas.


  1. Wham?! We need to re-evaluate our friendship. LOL

  2. My wife is a Prince aficionado, but she didn't know about Another Lonely Christmas. After reading your post, I told her she should buy it off iTunes and add it to the Christmas morning mix CD she is making. I'll tell her about the naked swimming, death and daiquiris later I guess. hehe