Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random True Stories

When i was in grade school my school had this end of summer event where you got to come in and play games in the gym and businesses set up booths selling crap etc. So it must have been 3rd or 4th grade and i was waiting for my dad to come home from work and take me. He got home late because his car had broken down and he walked (quite a ways if i remember correctly) home in the afternoon heat. I guessed we wouldn't be going and i remember being upset and let down.

My memories of what happened next are vague. I know dad walked with me to the school so i could see my friends and play games. This has always stuck with me. He must have been tired, hot, and pissed but he took me to my thing anyway.It helps me push through any fatigue when my son wants to play after i work a 10 hour day and its something i will never forget.

Strange how a probably insignificant event can become such a catalyst to a belief, and a moral way of life.

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