Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Of My Favorite Toys Were Under A $1

I have toys I've spent over $200 dollars on and i have toys from thrift stores or found that i love just as much.In fact found toys are just a little bit extra special in a way,like finding a treasure.And each toy comes with a mini story.

I'm pretty sure this is from the movie monsters vs. aliens.I can care less about the film but i found this happy meal looking toy at a thrift store for $.50.A cyclops robot that blinks.And his arms unhinge from his body.pure awesomeness!

This was in a box marked $.05 at a garage sale.The scorpion is windup and the little radar car's dish moves.

Thrift store again.Thrift stores sometimes bag a bunch of crappy toys together and charge a $1 for the contents.To get these guys i had to buy a bag that included some Flintstones and little dolls with accessories.Yep,they went right back to the thrift store.Anyway, i love the colors on these creepy little robo-freaks.

I think my wife may have gave this to me or i took it from my son.When my son was first born we did his nursery room in anime style.The walls were vibrant anime colors,we had robots,mechs,and pokeman-esque stuff everywhere.I think this little guy was in the mix and as my son grew some of the baby stuff went in boxes.(his room is all marvel hero themed now)So this wind up squid dude made it into my collection.When you wind him up he walks sideways and his hat raises and lowers in a "good mornin ma'am" kinda way that makes me smile.

Flea market thing at a church.Could this vintage inspired robo be more awesome?

I'll be posting more soon and sorry my pictures are crappy.I wish they looked like plasticfetish's pictures. (you must see his awesome toy lovin blog here
Also the background is a print papercraft gundam thing I'm working on.


  1. Your photos are alright. The background is impressive. Where you got that gundam background?

  2. thnx leon.i pull so many papercraft things i forget where i got these.if i remeber or come across them again i will send you a link.