Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Favorite Found Toy.

This was in the middle 90's.I was living alone,drinking a lot, going out to clubs a lot.It was a depressing/debauchery part of my life.I don't remember if i was coming or going out but i was in a cab and this little guy was on the floor in the back seat.I fell in love with this thing instantly and for some reason it became a totem for me.

I used to imagine where it was from,how did it end up in the cab?Did some beautiful girl lose it and one day i would run into a girl and she would tell of her lost toy/good luck charm from her child hood and ,what a coincidence, i found it.-cue music-heh...or the toy was a prototype and was lost by the inventor.I sell the toy and become a millionaire.

Its a bandai released toy for the power rangers.I looked it up a few years ago on google.Its still my favorite found toy.And it's still a mystery how it ended up in the back of that Chicago cab.

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