Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shame and Pride

The other day in the car i noticed Pearl Jam coming out of the speakers.I thought "do i really have Pearl Jam on my ipod?".Nope,i forgot to tum on my ipod.It got me thinking about what I'm proud i don't own musically and that led to what I'm embarrassed i own musically.Here goes..

Stuff i don't,and never will own-(This list would've went on forever so i picked random shit that i think is popular?)

Pearl Jam-
I think there intentions were good but fuck i so don't need a grateful dead for my generation.Oh wait,they started off as nirvana light then went hippy when grunge fell off.I like how Dave Matthews(another "band' i Will never ever own)turned into pearl jam light.

Insane Clown Possee-
Two fat rednecks singing about murder and spraying their audience with faygo(!?!) have sold over 6.5 million albums worldwide, and their album The Great Milenko was the third-longest running hip-hop album in the Billboard 200 chart’s history at one point (behind Eazy-E and MC Hammer), and have been around for nearly 2 decades.

(this takes forever to load but my god is it eye opening)

Puff Daddy-
This man almost destroyed hip hop.Thank god groups like the Roots,mf doom,Apathy,kool Keith etc. are still keeping hip hop (i hate this term but here it is) real.

Grateful Dead/Phish-
Fuck Hippies.

Anything crunk/screamo/emo-
As a kid i know older people didn't get my fashion or music.(i was metal/skater/graffiti artist)Well now I'm the old coot cause i don't get this shit.It seems you mix rave fashion with punk.Get a hairdo like Nikki Sixx.Scream death metal vocals over pre-recorded crap beats and talk like a wigger.For more info on this horrible culture look to this informative blog http://www.stuffyouwillhate.com/

Boy i feel dirty now.Next will be the music I'm ashamed i have on my ipod.heh.


  1. Hanging head in shame:
    I have Pearl Jam and Grateful Dead on my iPod. However, I don't listen to them ever. Does that count? Please don't dock my coolness points.

  2. The thing with cool points is if you have a million,losing 100 aint no thang.Besides you have metal cred!

  3. Awwww, thanks. I feel better now.