Monday, June 8, 2009

Pin ups PART 2

My first pin-up pick was a no brainer,Bettie Page. Hell, because of her i got into pin-up and saw the art and beauty that modern models and dime-a-dozen fake boobs,fake blonds couldn't hold a candle to. My next choice seemed to way heavier on my mind.Dita von Tease or Marilyn Monroe. Dita is a world class beauty, some even say the Bettie Page of our generation. Ah.. but Marilyn is a household name. Shes inspired song,art,film, and fashion.But is she a pin-up? Hmmm.This decision was pretty much made up when new photos surfaced of Marilyn.Dita will be my next pin-up pick but here's Norma Jean-

This last photo is my new favorite.Marilyn with no make-up.Love it!

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