Monday, June 22, 2009

Beating My Addictions

Hi,my name is Ken.Its been 1001 days, 9 hours, 12 minutes and 58 seconds since i smoked a cigarette..

Its also been 62 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes and 43 seconds since i purchased a Star Wars figure.

And i am done.When the line was re-introduced i was ecstatic.I bought up every figure,sometimes paying double (boba fett,vader).Yep.....every damn one of these horrible,steroid looking figures.


Then came Phantom Menace.I must have been broke or knocked sense into my head because i purchased very few of these figures.Also somewhere in the timeline figures were introduced on a different card every week it seemed.With the exception of a select few i avoided these like the plague.

But with Revenge my interest was sparked again.Not only did i like Revenge of the Sith but i loved the new packaging and hasbro was doing some of the best figure sculpts in recent memory.I was all over these.

Hasbro changed the card backs, and while not as cool as the "lava" cards,the figures were still awesome.These cardbacks kinda grew on me.

The "clone" cardbacks were a logical next step and the cold aesthetic matched the way i felt the line was going.I'm not crazy about this design but the white really let the figures "pop".

These are the future cardbacks.

I'm done.Lucas has done everything he can to make me "NOT" A fan.Re cutting the films,jar-jar,Marketing Star Wars EVERYTHING.....WAIT...i'm saving my lucas rant for another day.With the exception of a figure that i absolutely have to have i am done buying Star Wars figures.

My addiction has moved on to board games anyway.

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  1. I hear yah. I've got figures from the last "The Legacy Collection" wave that I haven't even bothered to open yet... and they're good, weird OT characters, and not just more clones.

    I'm pretty much on my way back to collecting only vintage.