Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Things I Still Wish I Had

My uncle took me to a lot of auto shows as a kid.At one of them i got Burt Ward and Adam Wests autograph.This must have been before they hated each other because now if they do autograph sessions they don't sit together,and i clearly remember them being at the same table.I think the picture they signed may have been sold at a garage sale with a lot of old Starlog and Eerie and Creepy mags i got rid of in my teen years.

One Christmas we went to this church thing that Santa was at.My uncles kept pushing me to go see Santa but i remember thinking I'm to cool for that I'm older,I KNOW THE TRUTH blah,blah.Well i finally went to get a picture for my uncle and Santa saw me and said"oh ken,i got something special for you"and he gave me the stormtrooper blaster.I was blown away Santa knew my name and i liked Star Wars!I'm guessing this got thrown out.

All my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons shit!Dice,pewter figure,maps,drawings,books....
Why didn't anyone in my family save my shit for me!?!?! My wife has toys all the way back to pre-school!(she says it's cause her family loved her more.)

I suspect that this may still be in a box at my grandmas house.

I trashed this as a kid because it sounded really bad.Me and my Friends were playing "wkrp in Cincinnati" and the Kiss player kept spazzing so i threw it.


  1. You were playing WKRP in Cincinatti? Who got to be Less Nessman?

  2. You threw the Kiss record player!!!!!! *sniffs* *Cries*