Monday, January 31, 2011

Random True Stories

This past weekend myself and my wife went to a beautiful wedding at  Starved Rock National park In Illinois. As the drinks flowed and the night grew later my pee to drink ratio was entering the 1:3 area. On one of my trips to the restroom i was washing my hands and primping myself when a giant of a man in a full fur coat, beard, hat shaped like a wolf and rubber bags on his legs came in the bathroom. I froze in front of the mirror like a scared rabbit waiting for the lumberjack sized monster to skin and eat me. He didn't even look my way and made his way to the toilet stalls. opening the doors, peering inside and then moving on the the next stall. I exited post haste. Returned to the wedding reception and remember drunkenly telling someone about the man. (I would have photographed the creature but my cell phone was dead). That was all Friday night.

 Enter Monday morning, I'm at work, Its pretty dead here so I'm reading my usually websites and blogs and as I'm scrolling through the great "People of Walmart" site i SEE THE SAME FUCKING GUY IN THE SAME FUCKING HAT!
It's a small, scary world people.


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