Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Han Solo, Glitter, Sexy Chewbacca, and Google

As i was stumbling through the outer rim of the Internet Universe i came upon this Han Solo piece of Glitter art.
This picture fills me with a glee that the franchise sadly hasn't in a long time. But i wondered "where's the Chewbacca glitter art companion piece?" Surely the artist who made this immortalized Han's life partner in glitter as well!?! I was able to track down the artist and as i scanned all his pages i was horrified to find no Chewie! See For Yourself HERE

I have a solution which i will share with you in a second, but first.

To find the above picture i of course Googled "Glitter Chewbacca". These are some of the awesome Chewie Images Google gave me.
Look at these awesome shoes from Adidas!! I don't wear gym shoes much. My day to days tend to be steel toe boots but these would go really good with my "Bandoleer" Chewie shirt. (Yep)

 This painting fits the "glitter Chewbacca" criteria i gave Google but its to....bright or something. It's like "New Age" Chewbacca! The more i stare at it the more i hate it. And i think it hates me too.

 Now this painting is awesome. But one still has to wonder WHY? What the fuck compelled someone to paint Chewbacca in Leather Daddy Sadomasochistic Leather? And its a good painting. Look at the back ground sun hues and the light reflections on the leather. This was painted with love. A sick, sick Love.

 Now this tattoo is neither great nor horrible but i suspect that when this hairy bastards leg/arm hair grows back this tattoo will become Epic.

Apparently this Chewbacca head butt a dude on Holly wood blvd. Wouldn't it be cool to see all the photos of people being arrested in costumes? I'm sure there's a website that already has this somewhere.

 I found this sexy Chewbacca costume that, while pretty hot, is utterly confusing to me. Why are nerds having things sexed up?!? Ive seen photos of women stripping dressed like Stormtroopers and C3-P0(!)and God help me even Jabba the Hutt!! The only male Star Wars character i wanna Fuck is Jar Jar Binks for being partly responsible for destroying my beloved childhood franchise. Well maybe i'd Fuck Fett as well...

 This is a bad Chewbacca shirt. I would still wear it b.t.w.
 This is an awesome Chewbacca shirt that no way in Hell would i wear.
 Gotta love independent artists takes on classic Star Wars Characters.

And even though i found all this awesome stuff (and saw even more WTF stuff) there was no Glitter Chewbacca companion for Han.This will be rectified. At 5:00 P.M. E.S.T. i will be leaving work and driving west 2.5 miles where i will enter Hobby Lobby arts and crafts store and after stopping in aisle 4 for approximately  24 2'x3' black gloss sheets of paper i will head to aisle 16 grabbing various brown and yellow hues of glitter and in that aisle, on this day, i will make a Glitter Chewbacca companion for Han.

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