Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Even though my hatred for George Lucas has put my Star Wars collecting on a kind of hiatus, Hasbro continues to put out top quality products making it hard for me to resist. Luckily my son is into Star Wars big time so my collecting bug can be sedated through him. Hasbro continues to release figures (both original trilogy AND prequel) on "vintage" cards. The last batch of Original trilogy were C3-PO, E.S.B. Leia, E.S.B. Luke, Dengar, and Vader.I had to get the Vader for nostalgia sake. On the vintage card back Vader it said Hasbro had a mail away for the Legendary Rocket Firing Boba Fett of my youth that never was.Let me explain.
 Before Empire Strikes Back came out Kenner had a mail away for a new character from the up coming film.He was named Boba Fett and the figure was to have a rocket firing back pack. So all us kids had our parents mail away our 5 U.P.C codes and we all waited patiently for this mysterious figure to show up in our mail boxes. During this wait time some kid shot his eye out with a Battlestar Galactica Cylon ship. Kenner freaked and before mailing the Fett figure they removed the spring fire action and permanently attached the Rocket. Rumors circulated that a few were mailed before the spring mechanism was removed. This made the figure all the more legandary. It has joined the ranks of the X-Rated C3-P0 trading card and the "Nipple" Padme (both of which i am the proud owner of. Hey, no one said being a nerd was glamorous)

Well some 30 years later and Hasbro has decided to right this wrong buy remaking this often called "Holy Grail" of Star Wars. I just got mine in the mail yesterday. (The following pictures are from the web, there is no way i am opening mine!)

 The real vintage one is one the left. The newer one is slightly bigger (to closer match the current line) but otherwise this figure is a faithfully created masterpiece. This picture doesn't do justice to how nice the colors pop.
On the right you can see he has the "firing" rocket in.Next to him is the a more vintage looking rocket that is static and doesn't shoot. I gotta tell ya i couldn't be happier with this figure. Thanks to Needless Things for some of the pics. Cool new Blog i just found and can't wait to read.
 This is mine. It even came in a sweet ass box!

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