Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's Talk Christmas Songs

Last year i posted my three favorite Christmas songs and since it's my Blog I'm going to do it again. Firstly is my favorite Christmas song ever. Another Lonely Christmas by Prince.
Only Prince could write a song about Christmas that includes Death, Pokeno betting, and Banana Daiquiris.

My second favorite Christmas song is Wham's Last Christmas.
In the late 80's i was Metal as fuck but boy i would have died for Georges hair. And how fun does this whole cabin-in-the-winter-awesome-sweaters-sexual-tension-ski trip look!

My third go-to Christmas song is The King singing Blue Christmas.

And lastly one of my all time favorite Christmas songs is Please Come Home For Christmas. Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Arron Neville, Mariah Carey, Jerry Reed have all tried their hand at this classic. Most with mixed results. I tend to enjoy Vonda Shepard's version at the moment but i also enjoyed Rollo's version on Cleveland Show.Rollo- Please Come Home For Christmas

Other Christmas stuff worth seeking out- Weezer released an E.P. of Christmas songs that is really good. They are all traditional songs like Hark the Angels Sing and Come All Ye Faithful just rocked out and surprisingly not in a Ironic-hipster way. Just faithful rock and roll recreations. Joey Ramone,Brenda Lee, Brian Setzer,Run DMC, and Kurtis Blow also have Christmas stuff worth checking out.

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