Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughts on The Walking Dead or Lets Throw My Hat In The Ring

I wasn't going to attempt a review of the show because frankly my writing is horrible. But after seeing the negativeness being written by various blogs i respect i have to weigh in here, bad run-on sentences and all.

From the first time i saw the B&W classic Night of the Living Dead as a kid i was hooked on zombies. My favorite films are Return of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (original). Lately zombies are more common than a cold. Crap movies like the Resident Evil franchise coupled with every video game having a "zombie" level have kind of killed my love with zombies lately. So it was with trepidation that i watched The Walking Dead on Sunday. Firstly i think T.V. is crap. Even the critical darling "good" shows are only good when compared to the utter crap that is T.V. This is a medium that embraces Jim Belushi and Charlie Sheen. So when i heard there was going to be a zombie t.v. show i was picturing some kind of horrible zombie-twilight mash up. Secondly i have never read the comic the series is based on, which in it self is not a bad thing it also gave me no reference as to what to expect.

I.FREAKING.LOVED IT. At about the point where the three guys went to the sheriffs office to get supplies and shower i turned to my wife and said "they're really doing this well. No cheesy "Mtv" fast cuts. No stupid music telling us what to feel. The makers of the show are letting the dread build and the characters breathe." The complaints have been from the silly " his beard was shaved underneath his chin" to the nerdy " the dialogue was a slap in the face to women". Jesus people we are talking about a T.V. show about Zombies that is the exact opposite of Resident Evil Uwo Bowell crap and you guys are complaining!! It's this kind of pick-everything-apart-nerd-om that really kills me. And makes me distance myself from the "nerds". Bless this show and bless A.M.C. for having the balls to go with a show like this and i hope this series gets a chance to really stretch out and become something.

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  1. I was pretty blown away by the level of quality. Not to mention, I was kind of shocked by just how gory it was. Sure, there are a lot of cliché zombie movie things going on, but yeah, if someone's willing to spend a ton of money to make a show where dead people walk around and eat the living... I'm gonna watch it. (When they ate that horse... I nearly crapped.)