Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Rants (or, The Man Behind The Mask)

I'm a 40 year old nerd. I own a home in the Suburbs and drive an S.U.V. I'm the father of an awesome 6 year old. I enjoy playing Video and Board games. I grew up into Heavy Metal and Hip Hop big time. I'm tattooed over 50% of my body. My clothes style lately is casual and comfortable. I still have a few "rock" t-shirts but mostly i prefer plain white or black t-shirts. Some of my plain t-shirts have V necks which i find comfortable .Example:
 (Yep, That's yours truly in front of an amazing Sushi place in Little Tokyo, California.)
It also seems that this is the preferred t-shirt for every douche-bag in the world. Why? I have no idea, but i know Hipsters have assimilated this shirt as their look and it kinda pisses me off.
Speaking of Douche-bags, Brett Micheals has ruined Cowboy hats for me. This chick Brett wears her Damn cowboy hat everywhere so his (self admitted) toupee doesn't fall off.
Look i know i'm not the first guy to don a cowboy hat. But this dude has killed it. Killed it to the point that now my fear is people will think i stole this particular style from him. That was enough of a reason for me to hang up the proverbial hat, as it were. It just sucks because this is a style i have had off and on snce the early 90's. And who i stole the look from is a HELL of a lot cooler then Mrs Micheals.
Al. Fucking. Jourgensen.
Yep. Aroud 92 or 93 i saw the "In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up" concert VHS and the next day i went and bought a fucking cowboy hat.

(Yep again, that's me on the left. And me now below.)
 I felt a little weird including pictures of my self in this rant but i don't know why. I think i posted a pic of me and my son a while ago but i just don't know why. Is it the mystery of who is this person? I certainly don't have anything in here to be ashamed of or hide from. What do some of you bloggers think of revealing our identities and pictures? I know what some of you look like and others i've seen behind masks (Reis, Plastic Fetish) and i guess i don't view the blog any different. So why my hesitation...


  1. A few thoughts...

    I was wearing v-neck shirts this summer when it was really hot, mostly because it was more comfortable... and I sweat a lot. My Italian grandfather always wore them... probably for the same reason that I have.

    The cowboy hat thing is a non issue. I doubt that anyone is ever really thinking about Bret Michaels at all... ever. I'm pretty sure Lemmy doesn't think about him when he puts on a cowboy hat, so we shouldn't either. (I prefer one of those tan LBJ style dressy Texan hats BTW.)

    I've elected to not show myself on my blog... not so much because I'm shy (which I'm really f***ing not), but because my silly blog is really more about "stuff", and my babbling about that stuff, than it is a personal thing. (I can make it personal, but in an indirect way.)

    Your blog is fun to read, because it is very much a personal thing. That's probably the way blogs should be I suppose... which means that to a certain degree I'm cheating.

  2. Sound advice (as usual) all around. Thanks brother. Maybe someday i will don the hat again.