Monday, July 26, 2010


Man i have been so far gone. I apologize to my (i think) 3 or 4 regular readers. (bless you Darius, All Things Fett. and Plastic Fetish) As i mentioned i was on vacation. I feel like i have lots to write about but as days pass i keep forgetting to come here. So let's just get some "Randomness" out of my system.

I Hate Googles new set up. I wanted to write about these cool toy cars i picked up super cheap from Target that have guns and armor, think Road Warrior. I don't remember the name of the line and wanted to get some pictures so i did a Google search via Images and my God it's changed! For the worse. The layout is ugly, the search way more random ( i typed -toy battle cars with guns- and Duff Mckagen  shows up?!?!?) I like Google but this new layout is horrible. Maybe this is my mistake and i have a setting wrong? I hope so. I will never go Bling though. That is the name of the Microsoft search engine, right? Those commercials were such trash. Trying to create a solution to a problem that didn't exist.

I'm playing a video game now called Darksiders. It's a fun enough game, You play "War" of the Four Horseman and a war between Heaven and Hell has decimated Earth. You have to battle through all this wasted Earth to find the "Destroyer" and find out who destroyed the 7 seals blah blah. Gameplay wise it's very similar to God Of War  but playing it i couldn't help but notice so many similarities between character design within the game and Warhammer 40k design. Lawsuit worthy? Probably not, but damn similar. More thoughts after the pics.


Warhammer 40K....

I wanted to show how the architecture was similar as well but Googles horribleness has put me off of searching anymore. On an interesting note the developers behind Darksiders are going to be making a Warhammer 40K MMO. 

That's all i have for now. For the readers that do come her i appreciate it. I always thought this blog would be a sort of window for my son to read at a later date and just kind of see where his dad was at. Also note the blogs i have listed to the right. I read every single one of those blogs and hope some people have by checking out my page as well. Now that the re-introductions are done i hope to start posting somewhat more regular.



  1. I know which cars you are talking about! I always think about those for that Specialist Games Download. Which ones did you get?

  2. i got 2 57 Chevy-ish cars, a Camero ,and the pickup. They were 99 cents at target and i am already gluing various Games WorKshop guns and missiles to them. Then will repaint and post pics soon i hope.