Monday, June 28, 2010

I Knew It!!! We All Are Going To Hell.

What always killed me about these "anti" Christian scare comics is they would actually make me want to checkout the things i probably had previously never even though of. In this case though i was fully immersed in Dungeons and Dragons but i sure as hell didn't have a hot "Varla-esque" Dungeon Master!
 I have yet to perfect my "mind-bondage" spell on my wife.


  1. When I was a kid, I'd go along with my grandparents to a Baptist "Bible Camp" out in the middle of a corn field somewhere. Aside from the fact that all (ALL) of the teen girls there were completely loose, the only other thing that I remember enjoying was a big spinning display thing full of those comics. That, and the time a group of minister gave a lecture on how "the Jews in Hollywood created Star Wars to poison the minds of our young people" ...something about how "The Force" was really just a thinly veiled term for witchcraft. (Good times.)

  2. My wife went thru a "born again" phase in High school and she also said the kids were probably the most promiscuous she ever met. Your post also reminded me i have a thin paperback called "the force within" or something similar. It came out in 1978-80? and its a Christian book using Star Wars to lure the kids in. Example- Obi wan is a lot like Moses or The death star is hell etc. It had pictures and everything.I will have to search for that one and do a post lol.