Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ebay stuff With A Bonus!

I just listed some new stuff in mt Ebay store. Lets see what's good.
I got these Magic the Gathering cards at C2E2 this past summer. I've included these with a Magic set i picked up at a thrift store.
 $5.99 to start. Also i finally listed my Girders that i built my Warhammer terrain piece out of.
 $9.99 to start and you could probably build a piece similar to mine but 8x the size!
I'm also getting rid of my Clone Wars cards including The blu ray movie-watched twice, rare motion and cel cards including Rare Target exclusive red cel cards, and a Clone Wars tin with a bunch of stickers.
 These "motion" cards look damaged but they're not.They just don't photograph well.
$9.99 to start on this set.

Sorry I'm advertising so i will stop. I also have a Bantha and some Transformers/Clone Wars stuff for sale ( I told ya old George killed it for me) But here's the good part. If you win any of these items items i will include a random carded Star Wars figure from my collection And a random Metal cassette from my collection! Just mention Haloonthefloor. Thanks for letting me advertise. Here's the link to my Ebay store- Our-Funky-Junk-Store

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