Monday, April 11, 2011

Lars and The Real Girl

This movie sucked for lots of reasons but I'll give you the two that really pissed me off.
First this film takes place in one of those magical towns where every neighbor is a "quirky" neighbor and as such they are able to handle any situation that comes there way. Weird anti-social guy shows up at Church with a Life size sex doll? Well lets have the doll read to sick kids (i swear to God the film did that) and when the doll gets "sick" let's have all the neighbors bring flowers and food. The town actually buries the fucking doll as well as cart it around in a ambulance! No mention of who would pay for such extravagances.

Second the film pussies out. You see when the main dude shows up with the doll he explains to his brother the doll is very religious so can the doll sleep in a guest bedroom? This is akin to making a movie about necrophilia with absolutely no corpse fucking! A TOTAL COP OUT. The only slightly interesting part of the film was the main characters coming to terms with his total detachment from people. But then you don't buy his disillusionment because he knows the doll isn't real. I run a Tumblr blog here and with this blog i try to explore the darker sides of our society. As such i explore themes that aren't the prettiest including owners of these kind of sex dolls and let me tell you two things, 100% of the owners of these dolls DO NOT think they are real and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THEM. Oh, but not the guy in this film. In fact he actually has a quirky,cute nerdy chick practically begging him to go out. Well of course he does. In real life he would have at best been put in a psychiatric home and at worst been put in jail for exposing children and the public in general to his sex doll. This film was infuriating.


  1. Best film review EVER!! Okay, I haven't seen the film to know whether I agree with you, but I have a hunch that it would be a foregone conclusion. Just from what you explained I think it's bullshit and you have a right to be pissed off.

  2. Yeah, OK. I've been thinking about this movie since reading your review a week ago, and I'm really glad you were willing to take one for the team here, because everything about this film sounds like it would either irritate me, or creep me out... and not in a good way.