Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scary Things Continued

3- The Afterlife (or lack thereof)

What if this is it? What if Heaven and Hell are false? When you blink out and your Neurons stop flashing and your heart stops beating that's it? No dreaming, no clouds, no dead relatives, no memories, no reincarnation, no continuation. This thought utterly terrifies me and I'm not sure why.

When people ask my religion my easy answer is Agnostic. I was raised by a Japanese father and Mexican mother so i spent time equally at Catholic Churches and Buddhist temples. As an angsty teen  i renounced religion and questioned Gods. Now as a grown man i know man made religion is full of falsities and hypocrites but God, or a God, is something i want to believe in. A Muslim gentleman i worked with once told me our bodies are vessels, no different than cars or machines. But our spirits, our souls live on forever. I want to believe that so bad but what if that is false hope. What if when you die, you die. No dreaming. No clouds. No dead relatives. No reincarnation. No continuation. No answers.

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  1. That's why it's called faith. Because you don't proof, you just know.