Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Man Logan

I haven't been regularly reading comics in quite some years. Well as i write that i realize that's not entirely true. My son has a decent collection of old Hulk, Spidey, and G.I. Joe comics which i occasionally read to him. But baring that and my growing collection of vintage Marvel Star Wars comics i am not really up on the latest in the comic world. The last great series i  read was The Maxx in my opinion. Anyway, my friend Jeremy turned me on to a 6 or 7 issue mini series that was pretty old (it had Dark Knight ads in them ) called Old Man Logan.

The story is centered on Wolverine who now some 50 years older goes by the name Logan and hasn't popped his claws in as long. See 50 years ago all the villains teamed up in the marvel universe and attacked the heroes. With the odds 10 to 1 the heroes lost. Wolverine didn't die. The villains broke him. Broke him in a way that i will not reveal here but it was a jaw dropping moment in the books.

He takes a job that has him travel across the territories of the United States that have been divided between various Villain factions. I don't want to spoil to much but i can't recommend this series enough. Check it out the next time your at the comic store.

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